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Don’t be overwhelmed by having to select the various items and finishes required for your project. The Selection Center can provide you with assistance in choosing the appropriate materials and products. From space planning, interior design, and staging; we provide a total design solution to meet individual project needs. to interior design to staging, we provide a total design solution to meet individual project needs. In addition, we vertically integrate the process by offering branding and marketing solutions that complete the desired vision.



How much are you spending in time and personnel to procure material/products from various suppliers for your project? From ordering, delivery coordination, ensuring the application of materials work cohesively together; It is a daunting task. Do what you do best and allow us to streamline and simplify this process.


Discover what it is like to call one place to get all your answers.

Logistics can complicate an already stressful situation. To simplify the process, The Selection Center has a complete fulfillment center to support its members. During the execution of the project, we assist with receiving, storage and re-delivery of the materials procured by TSC, as well as those supplied by “owner.” 


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